RbYAML - A YAML parser in pure Ruby

RbYAML is a project originating in the JRuby project (http://jruby.sourceforge.net), to create a pure Ruby YAML parser for use in JRuby and SYCK cannot be used in this case. Since the effort of writing a new one from scratch seemed like a major undertaking it seemed easier to port an existing one.

The current functionality is more or less 1.1-compliant. What's missing is the Unicode-support. The idea is to have the interface resemble SYCK as much as possible, but this is still work in progress, since some of the major architectural choices are quite different.

The code is based mostly on the Python code written by Kirill Simonov <xi@resolvent.net> for PyYAML3000.

The RbYAML project is created and maintained by Ola Bini <ola@ologix.com>

Right now the documentation is somewhat sparse and functionality is not totally complete. There are a few pages with relevant information to look at if there are any questions:

RubyForge project homepage


RbYAML is distributed with a MIT license